How to update ASIC credentials?

    Open Devices page in Web UI and click on ✏️ icon near device and update login and password.


    Also, credentials can be updated with hubctl devices edit command.

    ASIC IP was changed, how do I update it?

    You can change ASIC IP address in device edit modal.

    Click ✏️ button near device and change ASIC IP address.

    How do I remove device from ASIC Hub?

    Click on 🗑 button near device in devices list to remove ASIC from monitoring.

    Hive OS reports that ASIC is offline

    1. Check that ASIC is reachable with specified IP address.

      • If device is online but IP address was changed, update its IP address in devices list in ASIC Hub web UI.
    2. Check that ASIC credentials used by Hub are correct, otherwise - update them.
    3. Check that Hub device monitor is running in Settings -> About Hub in Monitor Status section or use hubctl monitor status command.

      hub-monitor status - If monitor status is **Not Running**, use `hubctl monitor start` command to start ASIC monitoring.
    4. Check ASIC Hub log from About ASIC Hub -> Download Log File or hubctl logs and check any log reports about your ASIC by IP:

      {"level":"error","error":"failed to get device stats: device is unreachable (connect error (dial tcp connect: no route to host))","tag":"monitor","rig_id":"894890","ip":"","time":"2020-11-07T01:40:22Z","message":"failed to push stats for device"}
    5. If nothing helps - contact ASIC Hub support and attach ASIC Hub log file.

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