HiveOS — ASIC mining in simple words

ASIC mining in simple words

Many newbies think that ASIC mining is a rather complicated process. And it's not just about connecting the devices properly, installing the firmware, and so on. How does ASIC mining work in general? How exactly is the cryptocurrency mined on these devices? Let's figure it out together.

What is an ASIC?

Let's start with the simplest thing — with the definition of an ASIC. So, ASIC is a specialized device for mining cryptocurrencies, its name stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. This equipment is much more powerful than standard computers and is powered by special chips. Unlike video cards, which can be used not only for mining coins, ASICs are designed exclusively for mining.

It is important to remember that you cannot mine any coin on a specific ASIC. Each coin operates on a specific algorithm, and different ASIC models are designed for different algorithms. Therefore, when choosing an ASIC, do not rush to buy the most powerful model. First, decide what coin you want to mine.

How an ASIC works

In fact, the way ASICs work is no different from how video cards mine coins. However, at the same time, ASICs give out a higher hashrate and consume less electricity. It works like this:

  • You organized an ASIC farm and it started to work.
  • ASICs perform calculations and solve mathematical problems — they process so-called blocks.
  • If the task is completed successfully, you mine the block and add it to the previous blocks. It's more or less the same as building a tower out of toy bricks, only with the participation of computing equipment.
  • When you find a block, you get a reward.

If you mine on a pool, not only you but also other miners are involved in the block detection. The pool server combines the power of ASICs of different miners and distributes computational tasks between them. In this case, the block reward is also distributed among all participants. Thus, pool mining usually brings a more stable income.

As you can see, it's not that difficult, especially if you take toy bricks as an example. Plus, while mining, you don't even have to think about all these things. Your ASICs will do everything on their own, you just need to choose a coin or algorithm, and monitor their condition (especially the temperature), provide heat dissipation, and regularly remove the dust from them.

If you need to install hundreds of devices quickly, configure everything easily with ASIC HUB

ASIC Hub integrates the Hive OS system with each of your ASICs. Adding hundreds or even thousands of devices takes just a few minutes, and after that you get the opportunity to effectively manage devices through your personal Hive OS account, accessible from anywhere in the world. Working with ASIC Hub doesn’t require any technical skills, everything is extremely simple. In addition, ASIC Hub doesn’t affect the devices’ warranty in any way, since it doesn’t “interfere” with the devices’ software.

ASIC HUB allows fast and efficient integration without needing special technical skills — it automatically gathers statistics from all your devices and sends it to Hive OS, saving your time and making mining way more efficient. You can read more about ASIC HUB here.

ASIC Hub Advantages

There’s some significant things you can’t miss


Easy to start
It takes only a few minutes to add hundreds or even thousands of devices to Hive OS


No technical skills required
ASIC HUB is remarkably simple to use


Save your money
Use our personal pricing package and manage your farms without high-wage technicians


Keep your warranty active
ASIC HUB doesn't affect your warranty