bitmain antminer S9 Dual firmware

Bitmain Antminer S9 Dual firmware uses less energy and speeds up mining. Use one of the most powerful miners available, Hive OS will help to control it properly. With the best miner and efficient management, optimal results are guaranteed.

Bitmain Antminer S9 Dual Firmware Enables a Profitable Bitcoin Mining Modality

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity as profitable investment vehicles. In the case of Bitcoin (BTC), many fortunate people made good profits from early investments in the coin. However, some experts have the opinion that making good profits from cryptocurrencies is difficult nowadays. This is not completely true.

Bitcoin has not been widely adopted yet. Therefore, there are still many opportunities to profit from this cryptocurrency. Mining, for instance, has been a good way of making money since the early days of this technology. However, mining is not as easy as it was some years ago. Today, you need to invest in ASIC miners to be able to make some money. Mining using a desktop or laptop computer is not a profitable option anymore.

Bitmain has been producing some of the best ASIC miners in the market such as the Antminer S9. These miners have very high hash rates, which make the mining process much faster. Some of its key characteristics include:

  • Hash rate of 12.93 TH/s, which makes it one of the fastest miners available;
  • Power consumption of 1350 W approximately, which makes it one of the most power-efficient miners in the market.

Now, a new concept to get even higher hash rates has been applied. This is the so-called Antminer S9 Dual Concept. This approach consists of two Antminer S9 running together. They are controlled by a single control board equipped with the Bitmain Antminer S9 Dual firmware.

The two Antminer S9 are connected to a single power supply unit (PSU). The Antminer ASIC Boost S9 Dual firmware makes power consumption much more efficient. The latest firmware also makes the combination of these two units more stable and reliable. The result is a hash rate in the order of 20 TH/s at a power consumption that barely exceeds 1500 watts.

The Antminer ASIC Boost S9 Dual Firmware Allows Integration with Hive OS

The solution enabled by the Bitmain firmware S9 Dual allows you to find the best tradeoff between energy consumption and hash rate. Some hardware modification is necessary to enable this arrangement. The control board is placed in one of the Antminer S9. The ASICBoost (also known as ASIC Boost) firmware must be installed in the Antminer S9 before the modification is done.

However, even with the hash rate provided by the best Antminer S9 Dual firmware, your mining efforts will be modest. You would not make big profits by mining with an Antminer S9 Dual only. However, you can always lend your computing power to a mining pool. In this approach, the computing powers from different miners are combined in single mining infrastructure. This yields more profitable results in a shorter time. Then, you are given a share of the profit.

To control and manage the different miners, a software platform must be used. In this context, Hive OS is the best platform to manage different types of miners (ASIC, GPU, CPU). This is a Linux operating system that has been specifically created to control and coordinate crypto mining processes. The platform supports a large number of miners, including Antminer S9 Dual with Bitmain Antminer S9 Dual firmware.

Bitmain Firmware S9 Dual Is a Simple Way to Almost Double Your Hash Rate

The main benefit of the Antminer ASIC Boost S9 Dual firmware is the possibility to almost double your hash rate. You may say that you can get a similar hash rate with two Antminer S9 working independently. True. However, the Bitmain firmware S9 Dual does it without doubling the energy consumption. This increases your profit since you pay less for electricity.

On a professional Hive OS platform, your Antminer S9 Dual can perform very well to bring in significant profits. Hive OS has great features, some of which are:

  • Easy installation and operation;
  • Support for many miners;
  • Remote monitoring of the online status of each miner and its performance parameters;
  • Statistics of the most critical performance parameters (hash rate, energy consumption, etc.);
  • Remote control of the miners (reboot/shutdown);
  • Custom firmware for Bitmain miners.

Keep your hardware updated with the best Antminer S9 Dual firmware and profit from a mining pool.

The Best Antminer S9 Dual Firmware for the Best ASIC Miner on Hive OS

If you want to make good profits from mining, do not hesitate to purchase the Antminer S9. This is the best ASIC miner in the market. It will be much better if you can build an Antminer S9 Dual configuration using the Bitmain firmware S9 Dual. In such a case, what remains is to become a participant in a mining pool with the best management platform, Hive OS. Mining is still profitable. You must understand, however, that individual efforts yield modest results.