The Best Ethereum Mining Software, CPU, GPU, ASIC Mining Management

The best Ethereum mining software to mine Ethereum efficiently. Manage all your miners and mining farms from any device with a single app. All the needed features, an Ethereum mining pool, and complete support for CPU, GPU, and ASICs mining.

Ethereum is one of the most expensive and popular cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is still a leading cryptocurrency in the industry, it loses significantly when it comes to mining. Bitcoin mining is becoming more centralized and, thus, not accessible to individual miners. Now, only big companies that own huge ASIC rigs can earn from Bitcoin mining.

Ethereum mining is different. The most significant benefit is that Ethereum mining doesn’t support ASICs. Thus, CPU and GPU mining is possible in the case with Ethereum.

You only need to have proper ETH mining software to manage the processes. Hive OS is no doubt the best Ethereum mining software that you can find nowadays in the industry.

  • The easiest installation and setup of the platform;
  • A possibility to monitor miners from any device working on any OS: Windows PC, Mac, etc.
  • His Ethereum mining OS running on the Linux OS detects the miners and rigs automatically, only installation is needed.

This is not the limit, though. Along with traditional GPU Ethereum miner software and a CPU Ethereum miner platform, you can find Hiveon Pool there.

Ethereum Mining OS, Choose the Most Efficient Option

  • An opportunity to mine cryptocurrency not alone but in a pool with other miners;
  • The chances to verify the block are much higher;
  • Payouts volatility is significantly lower;
  • An opportunity to get constant rewards easy

These are the advantages that any mining pool offers. What about Hiveon Pool then? It is considered one of the best Ethereum mining pools because:

  • It doesn't charge a pool fee;
  • The transaction fee equals 0;
  • Payout limits are low, lower than the expected earnings.

With Hiveon Pool, you can mine ETH efficiently and safely.

GPU Ethereum Miner Software Is Available

If you are looking for efficient Ethereum mining software, you can count on Hive OS. Not every miner is willing to join a mining pool. Some miners prefer to use an efficient GPU Ethereum miner platform to be sure that they get every single coin that is offered as a reward for a verified block.

You don't have to monitor miners with plenty of programs. You can install GPU Ethereum miner software and keep track of everything using Hive’s one-stop dashboard. With this best Ethereum mining OS, you can:

  • Keep track of hashrate;
  • See GPU errors and fix them ASAP;
  • Access your pools and miners remotely from any location;
  • Reboot GPU remotely;
  • Upgrade the software features, and similar.

CPU Ethereum Miner Platform Can Be Used

The good thing about this crypto type is that you can mine it from a CPU. With Hive OS CPU Ethereum miner software, the mining management processes will not require almost any effort. You can install the monitoring app on any device: a PC, a Mac, or a mobile device. The CPU Ethereum miner software will send you instant notifications to your desktop or in Telegram

ASIC Mining for the Most Exigent Miners

ASIC is not used for Ethereum mining, but this option is the most recent and one of the most frequently used for Bitcoin mining. Hive OS supports it, of course. The top miner management software offers very attractive benefits for ASIC mining, such as:

  • 4 rigs management for free;
  • Stability of management program, failure risks are almost absent;
  • Chips’ tuning;
  • Temperature and hashrate watchdogs, and many more

With Hive OS, you get a plug and play mining monitoring solution for all your miners and mining farms.