Support services

    Hive takes care of its users, and that’s why we’ve created so many support channels. Check them out!

    Official channels

    Telegram support chats

    Hive OS: — the ultimate mining platform for managing all your farms:

    Hiveon Pool — the most profitable ETH pool:

    Hiveon ASIC — custom firmware for your ASICs (S9 (S9j, S9i), T9+, S17, S17 PRO):

    All these channels are available to both paid and free users. Just send your question, and you will get an answer from either Hive official support or from a member of our active community.

    Apart from this, we created an extensive knowledge base. Many answers can be found there.

    A special opportunity for business clients

    If you are a paid user with over 500 rigs, you can also count on individual hardware setup support:

    • We offer 8 hours of free hardware setup assistance per month.
    • If you need more, time of our experts costs $40/hour.

    After the hardware is set up, you can benefit from standard support and use any of the above-mentioned channels for getting free advice. And, obviously, if the issue you face is our fault, we are ready to help to fix it.

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