Hive OS Quick Installation Guide

    Before installing Hive OS on your rig, we recommend creating an account first, or logging into your existing one.

    Add Worker

    After creating an account, you will be greeted by your farm’s overview tab. Click the add one button to add a new rig.

    Adding a new worker

    Enter a name for your rig and a password. Optionally you can add a description of your rig. And then click Add.

    Filling out the worker details

    You’ll see a screen with tons of alternative installation options with which you can get acquainted here. Click the rig.conf to download this file.

    Downloading the rig.conf file

    Download Image

    Go to the download page to get the latest version of Hive OS. Choose between a .zip or a .torrent file.

    Choosing a download option

    Flash Image

    Insert a USB drive with 8Gb or more into your PC or Mac. Windows, MacOS and Linux users can use Win32 Disk Imager, Etcher, Rufus or any other software of their choice. This example shows using Etcher to flash the image:

    1. Select Image

    2. Select Drive

    3. Flash!

    Wait for the image to flash unto your USB drive.

    As soon as the image is done flashing, you should see a new drive called “Hive”. Click to open it’s contents.

    Add the rig.conf file you downloaded previously to the Hive image drive.

    Remove the USB drive from your computer and then insert into the rig.

    Install Image

    Insert the USB into your rig. Boot your rig and wait for it to install the image. Once done, you’ll see this screen.

    An example of what you should bee seeing once the OS was successfully installed

    Done! It will connect to Hive and you can start working with your rig.

    Your new rig will appear in your farm

    Check this article to find out how to configure your rig.