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Useful commands for ASICs on Hiveon firmware

selfupgrade master - Hive OS Client for ASICs update (please do not confuse with ASIC firmware).

miner log all - shows all the available logs combined and sorted by date and time.

miner log watchdog - shows the watchdog log.

asic-oc retune - re-runs the autotune of the current OC profile (overclocking profile).

asic-oc status - lists actual OC profile (and cached too).

asic-oc clear-cache - erases all OC profiles (you have to start the autotune again).

ntpdate - date & time synchronization.

hive-passwd NEW_PASSWORD --web - change of the password of the web interface (replace NEW_PASSWORD with your password)

asic-find 5 - blinking LEDs for 5 minutes to search for ASIC.

P.S. Almost all the utilities can be run with the --help key to see their capabilities:

selfupgrade --help

miner --help

hive-passwd --help

asic-oc --help