Game-changing Firmware

- Manual and automatically voltage and frequency selection;
- Auto-tuning to maximize profit on worn ASIC chips;
- Full protection from viruses: firmware with a signature, closed SSH;
- Recovering devices that have previously been infected with viruses;
- Changing profiles Scheduler;
- Chips turning off when ASIC is offline;
- LEDs blinking on fans or chips failure;

for Antminer S9, S9i and S9j

- Up to 16.8TH/s with standard PSU and 19.1TH/s with custom PSU connected;
- 80-100 W energy economy with improved tuning algorithm;
Hiveon Firmware for S9/S9j/S9i

for Antminer T9+

- Up to 13.6Th/s with standard PSU, compared to the 10.5Th/s on the stock firmware;

Hive OS is free for Hiveon ASIC users

with only 2% devfee in parallel mining
S9T9+model advantages

Get up to 16.8TH/s

with standard PSU

Сompared to the 13.5TH/s on the stock firmware.
Up to 19.1TH/s with a custom PSU connected.
*24TH/s with liquid cooling

Down to 75W/TH

with undervolting

Down to 75W/TH by undervolting and drastically reduce your power consumption.

Voltage change reduces power draw by tuning chips frequency for optimum hashrate and minimum power consumption.

Speed-up worn ASIC chips

Chip auto-tuning finds problematic or heavily worn chips and adjusts their frequencies.
Automatically lowers frequencies on damaged chips to consume less power and prolong chip lifespan.

ASIC Chips Overclocking

Overclock your ASIC chips, which can't be done on the stock firmware.
The auto-tuning script will re-configure each chip's clock speeds for the best result with minimum effort.

Seamless integration with Hive OS

Free for Hiveon ASIC users*

Monitor all your ASICs from anywhere, check hashrates, chip errors, power consumption levels, remote troubleshooting and perform bulk updates across your entire farm.

*Billing is still charged for other workers in the system
Moreover, you get:
- Built-in wattmeter in the web interface;
- Temperature and hashrate watchdogs;

Ready for a boost?

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