Easy Installation
Easily installed on most rig configurations within minutes
GPU Setup
Nvidia GeForce 10хх, 16xx, 20xx, and 30xx series family and AMD Radeon RX series "Polaris", "Vega" and "Navi" family are fully supported and can be run together on the same worker. Remote vBIOS updates are also supported
ASIC Setup
Fully support Bitmain Antminer series:
  • Antminer S9*/S9i/S9j/S9k/S9SE/S9-Hydro/S9(VNISH)/S9(mskminer)/S11
  • Antminer S10 (S9 Dual mskminer)
  • Antminer S17/S17 Pro/S17e/S17+
  • Antminer T17/T17 Pro/T17e/T17+
  • Antminer S15
  • Antminer T15
  • Antminer L3+/L3++
  • Antminer D3/D3(Blissz)
  • Antminer DR3
  • Antminer A3
  • Antminer T9/T9+
  • Antminer Z9/Z9-Mini
  • Antminer X3
  • Antminer E3
  • Antminer B3
  • Antminer S7
  • Antminer Z11
  • Avalon
  • DragonMint T1
  • Innosilicon T3H+, T3+, T2Th+, T2Thf+, T2Thl+, T2Th, T2Tz-30T, T2Thm, T2Thf, T2T+ (32T), T2Ts-26T, T2Ti-25T, T2T-24T
  • Innosilicon A9/A9+ ZMaster
  • Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster
  • Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster
  • Innosilicon T3 BTCMiner
  • Innosilicon A5/A8 (need test)
  • HashAltCoin Blackminer F1, F1+, F1-MINI
  • HashAltCoin Blackminer F1-Ultra, F1-MINI+
  • Todek C1, C1 PRO
  • Whatsminer
  • Zig Z1/Z1+
Workers Bulk Installation
You can easily bulk install the OS on your rigs using our Drive Flashing Utility
Need to deploy hundreds or thousands of rigs with Hive OS?
Use Deploy PXE for deployment over the network, gaining complete control over the process and significantly reducing deployment time
Solution for diskless rigs and server to boot them over the network
Hive OS Diskless PXE will allow you to reduce the cost of your mining investment by saving on disk media


Real-time Monitoring Data
Real-time monitoring of your workers stats with regular refresh intervals without the need to reload the page

Lets you see the temperatures across all your workers and gives you a warning in case of critical temperature

The watchdog can perform a system reboot if a critical temperature is reached

Telegram or Discord Notifications
Stay updated on your farm’s performance through Telegram
Organize Workers into Farms
Rigs can be split and categorized between their owners, locations or whatever by organizing them into the farms with custom access rights and tags
Shares Efficiency
Сontrol your workers share efficiency by viewing average accepted, rejected or invalid submitted shares
See the stats on how your worker performs with info on different algorithms, miners, temperatures and fan speeds
Remote Console
Send commands via remote console to your workers via SSH, ShellInABox, VNC and Teleconsole
Remote OS Update
Keep your worker updated to the latest version of Hive OS
Integrated VPN setting for IP masking to avoid creating IP address whitelist
Power Consumption
Statistics of your GPU’s power consumption farm-wide and of each worker
Remote Reboot/Shutdown
Perform reboots or shut down your workers remotely
Manage workers on a schedule. Create events to launch flight sheets or execute other various commands

Flight Sheets

On The Fly Tuning
Flight Sheets let you tweak worker settings with different combinations of wallets, pools and miners, and to apply them lightning-fast to any number of workers
Adding wallets is as simple as selecting a coin and entering your address.
Fast Pool Switching
Easily switch between pools and pool servers with our pre-made configurations
Fast Miner Switching
Detailed interface for each of the supported miners helps you configure your own miner settings for every flight sheet
Individual Configs for Each Miner
Override your farm settings on each worker individually with worker-specific configs


GPU Overclocking
A wide range of GPU settings to reach their most optimal performance: clock speeds, memory speeds, fan speeds and more
Dual Miners
Get more from your mining hardware
Miner Tuning
Tweak any miner parameters for optimal performance. Create individual or farm-wide configs for each miner
Pill increases the profitability while mining on the ethash algorithm. Find out more
Enable automatic fan control that will keep your GPUs close to the target temperature
Achieve the best speed when mining on memory-intensive algorithms on AMD video cards


CPU Mining
Support for CPU mining in case you're keen on making the most out of your mining setup
Custom Miner
Add any miner that's not currently integrated into Hive OS distribution
Secure Access
Includes whitelisting for IP addresses and secure remote access via SSH
Activity Logs
Stay informed on all workers and farm changes done by you and others
User Rights Settings
Give Full Access privileges to your admins or read-only Monitor access privileges to your technical staff that does simple maintenance and monitoring
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Give your account an extra layer of security
Ownership Transfer
Transfer workers individually or even entire Farms to other user's accounts
Multilingual Interface
Now even easier to use


Hive 2.0 APIDive deeper into your data with great flexibility

Watchdogs support

Other watchdogs support can be added on request

Chinese Watchdogs (QinHeng Electronics HL-340). Those that have orange blocks, can be found them on Ali and Ebay.



Nvidia GeForce 10xx series family (1050, 1050ti, 1060, 1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, P106-090, P106-100, P104-100, P102-100), 16хх series (1650, 1650 Super, 1660, 1660 Super, 1660ti), 20xx (2060, 2060 Super, 2070, 2070 Super, 2080, 2080 Super, 2080ti), 30xx series (3070, 3080, 3090) are fully supported with overclocking


AMD Radeon RX series family (460, 470, 480, 550, 560, 570, 580, 590), RX Vega 56 and 64, Radeon VII, 5500XT, 5600 XT, 5700, 5700 XT are fully supported with overclocking


Bitmain Antminer series S9/S9i/S9j/S9k/S9SE/S9-Hydro/S9(VNISH)/S9(mskminer)/S10 (mskminer)/S11, S17/S17 Pro/S17e/S17+, T17/T17 Pro/T17e/T17+, S15, T15, L3+/L3+, D3/D3(Blissz), DR3, A3, T9/T9, Z9/Z9-Mini, X3, E3, B3, S7, Z11

Innosilicon T3H+, T3+, T2Th+, T2Thf+, T2Thl+, T2Th, T2Tz-30T, T2Thm, T2Thf, T2T+ (32T), T2Ts-26T, T2Ti-25T, T2T-24T, A9/A9+ ZMaster, D9 DecredMaster, S11 SiaMaster, T3 BTCMiner, A5/A8 (need test)

DragonMint T1

HashAltCoin Blackminer F1, F1+, F1-MINI, F1-Ultra, F1-MINI+

Todek C1/C1 Pro

Zig Z1/Z1+

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