Farm Hash

    You can find FARM_HASH in the web interface of your farm in the "Settings" section. Using it you can easily add rigs in bulk without creating rigs on the web and getting RIG_ID. Hash is unique for each farm.

    Write Hive image as usual to your Flash/SSD. After the write you’ll find HIVE disk in Windows. It holds Hive config files, there is rig-config-example.txt in there. Open it, edit and save as rig.conf.

    # Find out your hash in farm's settings on the web
    # The rig will autoregister itself in your account after the first run
    FARM_HASH=your farm hash goes here
    # Password used for the rig
    # If you know rig id before creation you can set it here leaving FARM_HASH blank
    # If you use FARM_HASH you can optionally name your rig otherwise the name will be autogenerated

    Put your Farm Hash, copy the value from the web: FARM_HASH=f019745da6ba65630b28ef3c92608e7022b4bf76 No need to set RIGID or RIGPASSWD.

    That’s it, just to set the value in rig.conf. Now boot your rig and it will connect to web automatically.

    FARM_HASH can be effectively used with Hive Flasher for bulk rig installations. More details here.

    ASICs can be installed in bulk just by connecting via SSH and using FARM_HASH. More details here.

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