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Payouts FAQ

What is's payout type?

The pool has a PPS+ payout model. This means that payment is made for each decision (share) sent, regardless of how long you have joined the pool. Unlike PPS, which only awards block rewards and does not cut tax fees, PPS+ distributes all bonuses to miners and splits all rewards above the block. While the fluctuating rewards like in the PPLNS are avoided as a whole. You can learn more about the payout models here.

What commission does the pool hold?

Currently, the pool doesn't hold any commission. Besides, we completely cover the transactions.

How are payments made and in what amount?

Payments are made out daily, starting at 07:33 GMT for all balances at or above the fixed threshold (0.1ETH / 1.0ETC) as of 06:33 GMT. You can check the ongoing payout process here. Payouts are automated and made from largest to smallest amounts. Transactions are dependent on gas fee prices. If the payout does not happen (there is a suspicion of wallet blocking due to high stale/invalid shares), then you need to contact the chat on the site, which is located in the bottom right corner. If you have not reached the minimum payout threshold at the moment of fixation, the funds will be paid the next day (if you reach the threshold). You can check the local time for your time zone, for example, here

How can I check the payout info?


This is the transaction number in the network. This identifier is unique for each transaction, like the transfer number in the bank. Using it, you can always track any transactions within the ETH network. If you click on the number, you will be taken to the transaction browser, where you can see your transaction and all its data, including the wallet number from where the transfer was made, the wallet number to which the transfer was made, as well as the date, time, commission and other data.

Can I change the payout amount?

Since the transactions are covered by pool, at the moment it is impossible for users to change the payout thresholds.

Are there payouts for stale shares?

A valid share is contributed before the winning block. In turn, a stale share is a share that was sent after a block was already solved.

Payment for stale shares is made - it is 50%.

For up to 5% of stale shares, the conditions are the same. Starting from 5% and above, the pool freezes the payouts, meaning you won't get paid for your stale shares. If the problem of high stales persists for 24 hours, the wallet is blacklisted and payouts are frozen until further notice.

Such radical measures are related to the fact that fraudulent miners abuse our stale shares payout system. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using our ecosystem.

How to reduce stale shares?

It should be noted that the number of Stale Shares mainly depends on the quality of connection between your miners and the pool servers. Also to a large extent it depends on the quality of work of network equipment between the network nodes. Please make sure your stale shares stay below 5%.

Unfortunately, the pool's technical staff is not able to affect the quality of your provider's equipment and the routing of network packets from you to the pool and back. If you are absolutely confident in the quality of your own network equipment and if you are an honest miner, but regularly get blocked payouts, in this case - we are very sorry, but there's nothing we can do. It should also be noted that if you work through a mobile operator (3G / 4G modems or Wi-Fi routers), then the probability of a large number of stale shares is high due to the peculiarities of the mobile connectivity.

Why is a large amount of stale shares bad?

For regular pools, where stales are not paid for, only the miner himself is at a loss if there's a large number of stales, because he simply loses income. Stale shares are lost profit. In the case when stale shares are paid out (as is the case on our pool), it lowers the pool's luck, because stales don't participate in finding a block, thus they'll have to be paid out at the expense of internal means of the Hive ecosystem.

I didn't receive the amount I mined despite the fact that at the time of payment it was sufficient. Why?

Probably the system put your address on the blacklist due to suspected fraud.

One of the criteria sufficient to block addresses by the anti-hacking system is a high percentage (5% or more) of the stale share.

How does a payout blocking system work?

The payout blocking system works as follows: if the percentage of stale shares exceeds the threshold value, which is 5% at the moment, the system will automatically put your address on the blacklist. Your address will be eligible for unlocking, if the percentage of stale shares is reduced below the set threshold within 48 hours. Read below how to do this.

So what should I do now? How can I withdraw the funds?

In this case, you need to publish your dashboard url with a brief comment on what happened. Chat administrators will pass all the necessary information to the pool technical support for verification. If the suspicions are not confirmed, your wallet will be unblocked, and your funds will be withdrawn.

Can I transfer funds from a lost wallet to a new one?

At the moment, we do not provide the possibility of transferring funds between wallets due to the difficulty of proving that the account belongs to the user who requests the transfer. But we are working on it and, perhaps, will provide such an opportunity in the future.

Currently, every wallet on the pool is a separate account. When you change the wallet, the funds do not disappear. They remain on the same account where they originally were.

Please note that Hiveon does not recommend creating wallets on crypto exchanges, and the user is solely responsible for the safety of funds in such a wallet. Be careful and keep your passwords securely.